About Us

Affordable Teeth Whitening at the prices you deserve


Headquarters in Batavia, NY 14020


"Thanks for visiting Senallis Cosmetics. Our teeth whitening gel is manufactured to high standards within our New York lab. We take a proactive stance to ensure that our customers are receiving a quality product to be used in the whitening of their teeth."


What is our Job?

Customers all across the United States rely on SenAllis Cosmetics to Manufacture, Distribute and provide support for products they order from us. We ship all of our items out via First Class Mail USPS and each and every delivery is tracked by our order management system to ensure it arrives at your house on time & in good condition.


How do we strive to meet 100% Satisfaction?

We provide all customers with a 30 day 100% Money-back guarantee on all teeth whitening products that are unused and in original packaging. We also provide a 60 day manufacturer warranty on defective items that are sent out both on our website and other major e-commerce websites, as long as the item is sold to you from an Authorized Senallis Cosmetics reseller.

Need help?

Contact us (716) 331-4283 or email us at Support@SenAllisCosmetics.com