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Benefits of Senallis Cosmetics Whitening Gels/Kits

  • Go back in time

    Using our teeth whitening is like going back in time. It helps remove years of stains with every use. All of this within the comfort of your own home.

  • Used by dentists around the nation

    Formulated for at home-use, our teeth whitening provides the same experience you would get from a take home teeth whitening kit bought from a dentists office.

  • Formulated to perfection

    For years, we took customers suggestions in to find one teeth whitening gel that provides the best experience to 90% of its intended users. We're happy to introduce you to Senallis Cosmetics


Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth Whitening products are a very safe and effective way to whiten teeth. They are the #1 asked for cosmetic procedure within the United States. SenAllis Cosmetics Teeth Whitening gel has been on the market for years under different names (we cannot state which brand names), and we take extreme caution when manufacturing our product to ensure that every stage, from ingredients to the finished product are closely monitored. We implement safety checks along the way to measure the approximate ingredients within our gel are meeting their strict requirements. SenAllis Cosmetics teeth whitening gel contains Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Peppermint oil, TEA and other small ingredients to ensure the product is stabilized and forms performs it intended task. All of our ingredients are safe to use when being used as a teeth whitener.

What strength is your teeth whitening gel?

SenAllis Cosmetics does not have multiple teeth whitening grades, we use one formula that provides the best results for our customers. SenAllis Cosmetics teeth whitening gel contains 8-12% Hydrogen Peroxide. This strength of teeth whitening gel would be the same that you would receive for an at-home teeth whitening kit provided by your dentists office.

How long do the results typically last for?

Well of course, this would depend on the user. Typically users can see results last from three to six months after approximately 5-10 sessions have been completed.

I've heard that teeth whitening causes sensitivity?

Yes teeth whitening can cause sensitivity if it has been performed at a dentists office. However, at-home teeth whitening strips, and kits are not at strong as a dentists office. The kits are designed to be used at home with the end-user in mind. These kits while a little less strong than a dentists procedure, will provide the same results in a slightly longer time frame. You can speed up the process by using the teeth whitening kit multiple times a day. Senallis Cosmetics has been designed to help ensure the lowest amount of sensitivity is given when using our product.

How quick are products shipped?

All of our products are shipped out via USPS first class mail, and typically arrive within 3-5 business days.

How are your prices so much cheaper?

Well simply put, because we can. We are the direct manufacturer of this product, while many other websites simply put a 500% increase on their teeth whitening products to make up for advertising costs and low sell-through-rate, we just give you the price that we would sell to them for.